lunedì 3 marzo 2014

Brunch da Bill's

All of a sudden I have decided to write down this post in english. You will guess why. (and even if you don't, I will tell you)  First of all I've been living in London for months and I feel a little bit english right now, second - well - because Brunch is very brittish.

Yesterday I have been to Soho, London to have the famous english brunch. I've been to this cafè/restaurant called Bill's. It's a franchising which offers a wide menu from breakfast to dinner. Really nice. I had first a black americano, really essential on Sunday morning, and eggs with salmon and a hollandaise sauce. It was lovely. My friend instead had egg with bacon and sausages on toast, something really english.

We had a lovely time at Bill's and I definitely recommend it to everybody who wants to have a typical english brunch. 

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